Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcome to my Blog!

I spend a lot of time on the internet. I'm slightly addicted to Facebook, I really enjoy online shopping, and I LOVE all of the information and resources I can find as a teacher.
My first teaching job was really tough. I was the only kindergarten teacher at my school and was given 20 pencils, 20 workbooks, and 3 teacher's guides as my materials. I started teaching in 2009 and because of the economy the school wasn't able to provide any extra materials or trainings. I was pretty much on my own. My saving grace was the internet. I do not think I could have made it through my first year without the support of strangers in chat forums. And as a teacher with very little resources, the ideas I found through blogs helped me more than any teacher’s guide.
Which brings me to the purpose of this blog. This past summer I left my job as a kindergarten teacher to be a second grade teacher at a school I had fallen in love with. For three years I spent my time building up my materials, making centers, reading blogs, and watching YouTube videos to improve my practice as a Kindergarten teacher. Now that I'm teaching a new grade level, that process is beginning again! I’ve decided to chronicle my new adventure and share what I have made and found with fellow teachers. 
Welcome to Savvy in Second!

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