Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Literacy Centers

Now that its November it's time for Thanksgiving Literacy Centers! I feel like we're barely in school in November with Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Break, but I've still been creating activities for the students when we ARE in school.

I've created 3 so far.

Punctuation Sort: Students sort sentences into statements, exclamatory phrases, or questions

Long U Vowel Sort: Students sort long U words by the long u phonics rule

A & E Vowel Sort: Students sort words into either Long A, Short A, Long E, or Short E.

Check them out on TeachersPayTeachers:

Thanksgiving Punctuation Sort

Thanksgiving Long U Sort

Thanksgiving Vowel Sort (A & E)

Linked up to 4th grade frolics Made it Monday November Edition:


  1. I found you through Monday Made-It. Your literacy centers look great! I wish I taught a lower grade when I see fun activities like this:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. Thanks guys!

    @Holly Is fourth grade too old for the cute stuff? I don't have the best perspective since I came from Kindergarten, the 2nd graders seem like the "big kids" :)


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