Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's Day Literacy Centers... and a sale!

Tomorrow is February, which means all of my work on Valentine's Day activities is about to pay off. Luckily, TeachersPayTeachers is having a sale this SUNDAY, February 3rd (yeah, I know, Super Bowl Sunday) and you can get my Valentines centers at a 28% discount!

So that brings me to my Valentine's Day Literacy Centers! I've been working hard so I can have this weekend free. (49ers being in the Super Bowl is a big deal here in SF). I feel so prepared ;)

First I have a Valentine's Pronoun Packet. 

This focuses on Subject, Object, and Reflexive Pronouns. There is a a subject/object pronoun activity in which students replace underlined words in subject and object pronouns. (Both a cut and paste and write-in option included) 

There is also reflexive pronoun activity in which students paste or write the proper reflexive pronoun in the space provided. (Both a cut and paste and write-in option included)

A reflexive and subject object pronoun matching game in which students will match subject/object pronouns (valentines) with corresponding reflexive pronouns (mailboxes) e.g. you-yourself, they-themselves. 

Next, I have a beginning and ending diagraph center based on a Fountas and Pinnel phonics activity. Students take turns reading the chocolate words to their partner. After the word is read, the student will decide if the diagraph comes at the beginning or end of the word. If they guess it correctly, they will get a point on their recording sheet. (Students are asked to use tally marks). Together they put the chocolate in the "right box" and write down the answer.

Next I created a "Bossy R" bingo game. Students will practice bossy R words with this Valentine's Day themed bingo game. Students will take turns rolling the dice. The dice will either land on ar, er, ir, or, ur, or roll again. Students will mark one square if they have a word with that “bossy r” combination. First student to a blackout wins. There is an optional recording sheet where students can write the words they found during the game. It includes 10 bingo cards, dice template, bingo markers, and a recording sheet.

My last center was created for students to work on irregular plurals. Common Core aligned. Students will match singular nouns to their plural noun form in this Valentine's Day Literacy Center. Includes regular nouns, irregular nouns, and nouns ending in x, f, ch, y, and s. Students can write the answers on the recording sheet when they are finished.

I am so proud of these activities I linked up with Jessica Tobin at Second Grade Nest for her February Holiday Link-up. Check it out to see more February Holiday activities!

P.S. Check back soon for some art project for Valentine's Day as well! I've got a bunch lined up.

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