Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Literacy Centers

New year... new centers...

After taking a lovely week or so off, I'm back to work on my literacy centers for January. My January theme is all things Winter, although we don't have a lot of snow in California, I still think snowmen are adorable so they still make an appearance in my classroom. I've only made two centers so far, trying to pace myself, but I'm excited to have a jump on things!

My first is a phonics activity I created using the philosophies I blogged about here. Students sort words that start with Hard C & Soft C, Hard G & Soft G. For those who, like me, are still learning some of these rules, Hard C is /ck/, Soft C is /s/, Hard G is /g/, and Soft G is /j/.

My second center I made to work on plural nouns that end in Y. Students take singular nouns written on hot coco mugs and write the plural form on the recording sheet. 

I also created a synonym/antonym literacy center where students match synonyms and antonyms on winter mittens. Can be broken into two different activities in one week or done over two weeks!

Continuing our work on prefix/suffix word work, I developed a center for the prefixes mis and pre. Students take a base word and decide which prefix could be added to make a new word.


Click here to see it on TeachersPayTeachers

The last Winter center is for vowel clusters or teams (ee, ea, ai, ay, oa, ow). Students sort the words written on cute penguins by which long vowel sound the vowel team makes.

I wish I could be like many of you who seems to already be moving on to Valentines Day! I must say, I am impressed. I must pace myself, however. No need to start the New Year off stressed and crazed. That time will come soon enough.

Check out 4th Grade Frolics Monday Made It Linky Party for all sorts of great projects to start off the new year!

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