Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Grammar Center

Despite living in California, I LOVE the change of seasons. Those of you who have more intense weather might want to argue we don't have seasons here, but I love getting into the spirit of things despite the mild climate. In general, my September literacy centers have a fall theme. The first I made myself was the Long O Center Freebie where students sort apples according to the Long O Rules.

As I was planning my grammar instruction for September I realized that my students were needing a refresher on the basic parts of speech before I dove into second grade common core standards of adverbs, reflexive pronouns, etc. Thus my Fall Verb and Noun Sort was born!

At the center students have to sort fall leaves into verbs and nouns. When they finish the sort they record their findings. It works as a review for my students, but easily could be used in first grade as they are beginning to learn the concepts.

The students were really engaged in this activity. I think it helped them get into the spirit of fall even though it is still in the 80s outside :)

You can purchase this center by clicking here to visit my TPT page!

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