Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Literacy Centers

October is finally here which means, it's time for HALLOWEEN!!!!

I know that Halloween is at the end of the month, but I am a huge fan of holidays and costumes, so Halloween is right up my alley. Therefore the entire month of October is a Halloween celebration in my classroom. Most of my math activities and literacy centers are based on Halloween and I've made a few of my own Halloween centers.

The first is a pronoun activity. I created this as a review before we dive into reflexive pronouns. Student replace nouns in spooky sentences with subject/object pronouns. The activity I made students can either cut and paste the pronouns, or write them in, depending on how long the activity should take.

Click here for the download!

The next center I made was based on a Fountas and Pinnel phonics activity. (I use Fountas and Pinnel to supplement the basal reading program at my school). Students sort words that end in Y based on the sound the ending Y makes (either long E, A, or I). 

Click here for the words that end with Y word sort!

The most recent center I've made is similar to my Fall Long O word sort, but it focuses on Long E and is Halloween themed. Students sort long E words according to their "long E rule." The words are written on black cats and the rules are written on witches hats.

Click here for the download!

Man I LOVE Halloween!! Check back for many more Halloween activities! Lord knows there will be some more. 

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