Thursday, October 4, 2012

Morning Work

Every morning my students come in and immediately begin their morning work. I play classical music and students work without talking. I love that it calms my students, turns their brains on, and gives me a quiet time to check in with each student individually.

The main problem I was having at the start of this year was finding quality, meaningful morning work. I wanted something that students could work on independently but also was challenging. It needed to be aligned to the standards and I didn't want busywork.

After spending a few weeks (unsuccessfully) attempting to assign quality morning work, I stumbled upon Second Story Window's "2nd Grade Common Core Morning Work."

I LOVE it. It is just the right mix of challenge and review. Students work on both math and language arts and they can usually work without my direction. The exception to that is the vocabulary portion, but that is something my students (mostly English Language Learners) struggle with a lot. Plus, there is enough material for the ENTIRE YEAR. Wow.

An example of the morning work. 

Although it is one of the more expensive items on TeachersPayTeachers, I HIGHLY recommend this product. It is completely worth it.

To purchase, click here to get to the product. Thanks Second Story Window!


  1. Thanks so much for your lovely review! I'm glad our Morning Work is working for your kiddos. I love hearing about other teachers who find this useful!
    Best of luck this year!!

    Second Story Window

  2. These materials are really interesting. I'm moving back to grade 2 after 11 years at 1st so I'm looking for ideas. I like your blog a lot. Management questions:
    How do yo go about correcting the work? Collect and correct? Go over it as a class?
    I'm concerned completion and discussion takes a lot of the first hour. Strategies you use to address that?
    Michele in Alameda


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