Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Around the World: Second Grade Style

I love Christmas. I don't understand those few who don't. It is such a delightful time!

When I was teaching K I did a Christmas around the world unit. It was based around crafts and read-alouds and my students loved it. This year I decided to adapt it for second grade and so far my students are LOVING it. I created a power point about the varying countries we're "going" to: Sweden, Italy, Germany, France, England, and Mexico. I have pictures of each country, a map showing where it is located, and slides discussing the different traditions.

 Check it out here on TPT!

Today they got their passports. On the first page I had them write their full name, address, and picture. I showed them my own passport as an example.

Each day as we got to a new country, the students "stamp" their passports with the flag of each country. They color the stamp themselves with an example on the board. Sweden was today, so that was a pretty easy one. England will be a bit of a challenge. The stamps are so small! (But adorable).  I got them from Sarah Cooley's scrapbook.

I love this unit so much I decided to link it up with 1..2..3..teach with me for her Christmas linky party. Check it out for more ideas for this fabulous holiday :)

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