Friday, February 8, 2013

February Currently

So I COMPLETELY missed Oh Boy 4th Grade's January Currently. Man, that flu KILLED me! So I'm trying to be more on it this month. I LOVE her linky!

If you haven't heard any songs from Wake Up! check out this link for my favorite song, Hard Times. This is MY JAM! I really rock out on my hour long commute to work.

Loving this guy:
How could I not?
I also can't believe I'm done the 3 week in March! Before anyone gets too upset, I'll be back to work mid-June, so I work that same amount of time, I just get Spring off instead of Summer. It does mean my trip to Paris with my man is slightly cheaper, so that is nice.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are Gods Gift. Enough said. Come on Starbucks, get with the program!

My boyfriend and I moved into our San Francisco apartment in July and we haven't totally figured out the best way to organize all our stuff. Our closet is embarrassing! That is project number one for this "Summer Break."

As I mentioned above, I have an hour commute. Ugh. That makes those tailgating, driving on the shoulder to avoid traffic jerks that much worse. I want to yell at them: "You may drive a fancy BMW, but my prius beats you in gas mileage EVERY DAY!" I shouldn't complain, living in San Francisco is truly wonderful. I live a 20 minute walk from this:

Rude drivers, have it your way. It's worth the commute :)

Check out Oh Boy 4th Grade's Currently Link up for more fun!


  1. Cute blog! California drivers love to follow to close for sure! If they leave u alone, I hope they do the same to me! Enjoy this chilly CA day with your kitty!

    - Simone

  2. So jealous ! I love San Fran! Been there only once, but fell in love with it. I can't complain though Charleston, SC isn't too shabby. First time at your blog, can't wait to check it out.

  3. Your blog is so cute! I stumbled across it through the Currently! Other people's driving is one of my pet peeves as well. But at least your surroundings make it a little more the pictures!

    Enchanting Elementary

  4. I love your blog design. I found it through the Currently link up party! I wish I lived in California. If you check out my most recent blog post you will see all the snow that we got last week :)


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