Sunday, February 10, 2013

Help for Making Reading A-Z Books!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I wrote a few months ago about the website Reading A-Z where you can print off leveled books for your guided reading. Click here to read about how I use it in the classroom.

It is a great resource for cash-strapped schools, but the major downside is that making the books is a big pain! The way I have worked this out is sending the books home with parents to make. (Parents are always asking how how to help and this is a GREAT help for me).

Because it is pretty tricky, I created  step-by-step instructions with pictures like the ones below so there is a clear way to make them. It has helped a lot and really cut down on prep for me!

Click here to get the instructions (for free) on google docs! It is in a PDF and google will say it can't scan it for viruses because it is too big. I PROMISE it is not a virus. Pinky swear.

*Please note I do not claim any rights to the images in these books. All images are the property of Reading A-Z and these instructions are meant to be used by paying members of the site. This document does not contain any of the books from Reading A-Z*


  1. Thank you so much Katie! I hate putting those books together! SO helpful! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
    Bear in Mind Blog Design

  2. Thanks Casey! I hate them too, but I love having them once they're made :)


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