Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Mailboxes

It's coming... the second most tiring day as an elementary teacher... VALENTINES DAY!

I have been gearing up for weeks since I love teaching with themes and I LOVE valentines day. Seriously, even when I was single, I loved all the pink and red and sweets :)

Anyway, tomorrow my students are making Valentine Mailboxes out of shoeboxes. Today I made my prototype that they students can use an example. Obviously I expect them to add more fun, like glitter, patterns, etc, but this is the basic gist of what they will do.

Step One: Start with an ordinary shoe box

Step Two: Cover with a paper of your choice. I chose to put glue on the surface, cover each surface separately, and cut off the excess. This helps the box be able to open and close (rather than if I wrapped it like a present and would keep the lid shut).

Step Three: Add a red flag on the side to make it look like a mailbox. 

Step Four: Decorate! Glitter, stickers, more paper strips, go crazy! (And maybe clean up the edges a bit. Looks like I'll need to do that for my example tomorrow).

Happy Valentine's Day!

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