Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meaningful Art: Jim Dine Hearts

When I was looking around on Pinterest for a Valentine's Day art project, I found Green Bay Art Room's post about creating Jim Dine Hearts. I ran out of time to do it before Valentines Day, but I loved the idea so much I did it this week. I must admit, I kinda fudged some of the aspects of her lesson, mostly because I teach 2nd, not 5th, but I feel that they turned out very well!

First I showed students examples of the project. What did they notice about the shapes? The colors? I explained to them that they would create new shapes within their hearts by drawing intersecting oblique lines (brought in that math vocab). Then they would color each new shape in different patterns and colors.

First, I had students draw their hearts.

Then they took yardsticks and made intersecting lines. (Although I warned them to make as few lines as possible so they had large spaces to color, some did not follow those directions).

Once they were done creating the lines, they started to color. They used oil pastels, which I love because of the rich color and ability to blend.

I think they were beautiful! I gave them a lot of time to complete and some still didn't finish. I had many staying in at recess to make them perfect :)

Anyone else have some fun art projects to share?

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