Sunday, March 3, 2013

Writing Conference Strategy

Recently we've been working on non-fiction writing in my classroom. (More to come on that). During my last few writing projects, students waited in line to have a conference with me at my desk. This caused a lot of behavioral issues. Kids were getting restless and loud, causing students who were still working to be distracted.

I came up with an easy idea to keep track of who I need to conference with. When students are done with a draft, they write their name up on the board, then go back to their desk, wait for me, and do a quiet "may do." I walk around to the students who signed up for "appointments" on the board. When I finish with one student I check off their name and go to the next student. This is a much quieter way than I had before, students always have a task to do, and it allows the slower workers to focus on their writing.

Do you have a strategy you use during writing that you would like to share?


  1. That is such a great idea! I am always overwhelmed by all my students wanting to meet with me at the same time... this is a great way to organize the conference time and a great visual for students to see when their turn is coming up. What do you have them do while they are waiting for a conference? Do you have a list of things they can pick from or is their an assigned thing they should be doing?
    What a great idea... I will be starting this in my class this week!!! Thanks!

    The Price of Teaching

  2. Thanks Bri! Let me know how it goes! I usually have kids do their "may dos" at this point. Either read their library book, sight word word searches, cross word puzzles. Anything that is fun, engaging, and literacy based.


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