Monday, March 4, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Literacy Centers

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, I've been working hard to make some centers that were relevant to the skills we're working on. I'm finally finished! Yay.

For the next few weeks we're working on distinguishing between open and closed syllables. I've noticed that many of my students are struggling to decode multi-syllable words. Some were even having trouble with unfamiliar two-syllable words! I decided we needed some work on breaking words down.


Students cut the words in half into first and second syllables. This allows them to see the difference between open syllables (ending in a vowel) or closed syllable (ending in a consonant). 

After practicing breaking apart closed and open syllables, my students will work on a syllable sort. Open syllable "gold coins" go into the open syllable "pot of gold," closed syllable coins go into the closed syllable pot of gold.

One other skill we're working on right now if those lovely common-core aligned adverbs. I created an activity where students modify sentences using either "How," "Where," or "When" adverbs. They write three different adverbs in the same sentence and draw illustrations to show how the adverbs changes the meaning of the sentence.

I'm so excited about these activities I decided to link up with Sharing Kindergarten's St. Patrick's Day Linky Party! Click on the link to find all the wonderful St. Patrick's Day activities!


  1. Love this St. Patrick's Day themed open/closed syllable activity. We are also finding that some of your learners are having a difficult time breaking (decoding) multisyllabic words! Thanks for sharing!

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